A lovely person who knows what she is talking about- giving non judgemental advise on nutrition and exercise - realistic goals and all the right tools and motivation you need to get the life and body you want - Thanks Amy will definitely recommend
I am so glad I found Amy - my eating habits have changed dramatically for the better - the penny has finally dropped for me as to how very important it is to look after one’s health. Amy has helped me to make healthy enjoyable eating choices which I am so grateful for - I was on the verge of becoming a very unwell person if I had kept up the lifestyle I had slipped into - work work - eat on the run - very little exercise - unrestful sleep & more work”.
Amy helped me through a hypertrophy stage not too long ago. I tasked her with the awkward job of helping me gain muscle, burn fat whilst sticking at a similar weight. Anyone who has gone through muscle growth workout plans will know exactly what a balancing act this is, especially when trying to maintain good energy to sustain workouts, work and life in general. With a bit of fine tuning of my diet, Amy helped me increase my centimetres without increasing the scales!!! And the cherry on the top was seeing the definition sneaking in from losing body fat!! Awesome work, thanks Amy!!!
Amy is very educated in what she does and it shows in appointments with her as I ended up coming away with a wealth of knowledge and new ideas/pointers to implement! Her passion shows through everything she does and she worked well with me especially being Vegan which is different in itself. Very helpful! Will be back thanks Amy
I have had a wake up call & I want to be healthy for myself & my children . Amy’s professional, patient & non-judgemental attitude is why I have got to where I am now. So - if you are some-one who needs that help & encouragement that Amy has given me - I am sure you will benefit from making an appointment with Amy & doing a programme arranged specifically for you - what have you got to lose - only bad habits - there is plenty to gain - healthier longer life! Thank you Amy!
— Tauranga
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