Amy Allport Nutritionist

Amy is a trained Nutritionist, with a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Leeds Beckett University, England (MSc). She works with clients of all ages and circumstances.

"As a professional nutritionist, my approach is to work with you to create a customised plan, that’s delicious and requires minimal time or effort to follow. You can expect to receive support and education which will empower you to achieve your goals".

Amy focusses on creating enjoyable and achievable healthy eating plans, based on everyday foods. Togeather you will create a customised meal plan, that’s delicious and requires minimal time or effort to follow. You can expect to receive support and education from Amy along your journey, which will empower you to achieve your goals.




Weight Management & Healthy Eating

Fad diets. Self-help books. Talk shows. You may have tried them all and still be struggling with health problems or weight management. Whether you don’t know where to start or how to keep going, seeking help from a nutritionist for your health and food goals will prove beneficial.

Amy works with you to provide knowledge and skills which allow you to make healthy choices, which are easy to follow and are sustainable for life.

Depending on your individual needs,  Amy will work with you to:

  • Identify your health and weight goals

  • Identify your barriers to achieving these goals

  • Increase your nutrition IQ so that you have the knowledge and skills you need to maintain a healthy diet for life

  • Provide an enjoyable and achievable healthy eating plan

  • Design special plans to suit night shift work, vegetarians and gluten/dairy free requirements.


 Together we’ll create a personalised, easy to follow plan for you.  Unlike fad diets, I will teach you to put healthy and delicious meals together yourself with everyday foods – it’s a much cheaper and healthier way to start a weight loss journey”  - Amy Allport

Sports Nutrition For Athletes

When it comes to sport, what you eat and drink can make or break your performance. Amy specialises in sports nutrition for athletes (both amateur and professional) who want to optimise their nutrition and perform at their absolute best.
Amy offers a range of services for recreational and serious athletes including:

We offer a range of services for recreational and serious athletes including:

  • Maximising energy / performance levels

  • Pre-training and pre-event nutrition

  • Recovery nutrition

  • Event day nutrition plans

  • Achieving body composition goals / muscle gain /fat loss

Body Building 

Amys Master’s Degree is in Sports Nutrition – and her specialist research field is in muscle building and supplementation.

She has a passion for physique transformation, and specialises in contest preparation for physique and body building.

Amy continually researches the latest scientific principles in this field – and can advise you on the best, evidence based techniques to help you reach your goals.

Corporate Workshops, Seminars, Bootcamps &
One-to-One Consultations

Amy offers a range of workshops that demonstrate, in a very practical way, how to fuel the body correctly during the busy working week to avoid fatigue and stress and to maximize energy.

  • SEMINARS - Seminars to larger corporate groups tailored to company's unique working environment 

  • CONFERENCES - Presentations at conferences tailored to specific industries. 
    Nutrition advice stands with healthy energy snacks at exhibitions 

  • WORKOUTS. BOOTCAMPS - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts/bootcamps . Next Lynmore Boot Camp Starts 29th October ! Learn More.

  • WORKSHOPS - Interactive workshops on how to make practical changes to the way you eat to optimise health, energy, performance and boost fat burning.